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Entry #2

Last Days of Gaia

2012-02-25 12:08:48 by Dragzonox

So it's finally time, the sun is peeking trough and I'm feeling down again.
Looking up, I only see cheese which is good but I never know how to cut it so it parts in two equality big sizes. Being an idiot is hard, being a smart idiot is even harder because you always look yourself right in the eyes.. But you know what they say, no explosion, no implosion and then no emotion. But sense emotion, do explosion, and be motion. There's always a 3 i every 2 & 1, but never a 3 in ever 1 and 1 nor 2 and 2.. If you feel a slight head-age, then I know we feel the same. But I can't use rightfulness, only right answers. I don't care for my own gain, but only for the gain of everything else.
Just be, and please forget everything you just read because in the end - I don't think it matters, only now matters. I need to study, or else I can call my self an idiot again >.<


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2012-02-25 18:13:01

I fucking hate Gaia

Dragzonox responds:

I was also the worst disappointing game, in comparison to the soundtrack it had :p